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(04/13) HOTL Marginal Legal Replay Hour 1

(04/13) HOTL Marginal Legal Replay Hour 2

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. 

(04/13) HOTL Marginal Legal Advice Hour 3

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. 

BHS – 8A – ‘Unsolved’ with Steve Gregory | Handel’s ‘World in Review’

KFI investigative reporter and host of ‘Unsolved’ Steve Gregory joins the Bill Handel Show to talk about ______ and what true crime story will be featured on his show this weekend. America is sick of swiping. The show closes with this week’s ‘World in Review.’  

BHS - 7A – OJ Simpson | Ohtani’s Ex-Interpreter Charged

The OJ Simpson story. Feds say Shohei Ohtani’s ex-interpreter Ippei Mizuhara stole $16MIL. Did Shohei really have no knowledge? How safe are we when we step on a plane? Firearms intercepted, hundreds bypassing airport security and fake boarding passes.

Handel on the News

Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. O.J. Simpson dies of cancer at age 76, his family says. US restricts travel for diplomats in Israel amid fears of Iran attack. Ippei Mizuhara, ex-interpreter for Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani, charged with bank fraud in sports betting case. Salmon fishing off California cost banned second year in a row. Measles outbreak puts elimination status at risk: CDC. CDC expected to alert doctors about fake Botox. The Fed might not be done raising interest rates just yet. Instagram to crack down on teen sextortion. California High-Speed Rail one step closer to acquiring nation’s first 220mph trains.

BHS - 8A – ‘How to Money’ with Joel Larsgaard | OJ Simpson Dies, 76

Host of ‘How to Money’ on KFI Joel Larsgaard joins the program to talk about salaries rocketing higher if you are going into the office, staying at your current job vs changing jobs, student loan forgiveness talks, and the FCC rolling out mandatory ‘nutrition labels’ for internet pricing. OJ Simpson has died. Host of ‘Later with Mo Kelly’ closes the Bill Handel Show talking about Paramount investigating claims Sylvester Stallone allegedly used disparaging language on ‘Tulsa King’ set.

BHS - 7A – Hikes in SoCal Rates & Taxes | Cost of Owning a Home

Rising water costs prompts hikes in SoCal rates and taxes. More Americans are claiming tax benefits for looking after parents. The cost of owning a home is skyrocketing and looks like the new norm. 

Handel on the News

Neil Saavedra & Amy King Join Bill for Handel on the News. Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson posed about eclipse, apocalypse on social media in days leading up to Woodland Hills murder-suicide. President Joe Biden calls on Hamas to accept latest cease-fire deal. Israeli airstrike kills three sons of Hamas political leader in Gaza as ceasefire talks stutter. Stubbornly high US inflation grew stronger than expected in March. White House says it’s very concerned by China’s actions in the South China Sea ahead of key trilateral meeting. Shohei Ohtani’s ex-interpreter, Ippe iMizuhara, reportedly in negotiations to plead guilty in gambling scandal.

BHS - 8A – Arizona Upholds Abortion Ban | ‘Medical News’ with Dr. Jim Keany

What we know about the Arizona abortion ban. Disneyland threatens lifetime ban for disability cheats. Dr. Jim Keany, Co-Director of the Emergency Room at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Medical News'! Dr. Keany talks with Bill about why salt could be killing you, accelerated aging is being linked to cancer in younger adults, and resident doctors joining unions.