Worst U.S. Mayor Targets Jefferson Statue

BUCK: There is no limiting principle if you accept some of the leftist revisionism and activism about these things such that we always say if you’re gonna get rid of certain monuments — Columbus monument, for example — the argument then to keep the Washington Monument, the argument to keep the Jefferson…

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: By the way, the Thomas Jefferson statue out of New York City’s, I think, City Hall by Mayor Bill De Blasio, the worst mayor in the country. Wherever you are across the country, I want you to take solace in the fact that you do not have to suffer under the absolute worse mayor in the country. I know there’s some bad ones. I know there’s Garcetti, and there’s Lightfoot, and there’s Bowser, and there’s a lot of bad mayors. De Blasio is the worst mayor in America. But they pulled the Jefferson statue out of City Hall.

CLAY: They said his values didn’t reflect New York City anymore.

BUCK: But eventually… (chuckles) Yeah. Eventually they’ll take it to the point where, think how many place names there are for indigenous tribes. Well, you would say, “Aren’t we honoring them by having the names of cities, the names of states after native tribes or after native word or whatever it may be.?” Eventually they’re gonna say, “No, this is essentially glorifying conquest.”

CLAY: It’s cultural appropriation.

BUCK: It’s a cultural appropriation. So it never ends. I just bring this up because it never ends. And this is why you have to just look at people and say, get a life, stop being so annoying. We can’t all be perpetually offended or else we can’t do anything with ourselves we’ll just roll around and cry — which I know a lot of leftists who watch MSNBC want to do. (laughing) There’s that Keith Olbermann video that’s making the rounds right now speaking of roll around and cry. That guy is out of his mind he’s a sports guy who transferred over to the politics world.

CLAY: Maybe that’s where I’m headed my brain’s —

BUCK: That guy is out of his mind.

CLAY: And I’m gonna go insane but this is one of the many places where Trump was right because remember he said if you start with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and all of these Confederate monuments and memorials, eventually you’re gonna move to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and all of these other American icons — and what happened? The left said, “Oh, Trump’s lost his mind,” and then what happened this past summer? Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, a lot of them were getting torn down.

BUCK: The slopes are in fact slippery when you’re dealing with progressives. I always like to remind everybody: They are slippery.

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