The 2019 KSR Golf Scrambles are coming SOON!

2018 KSR Golf Scramble Somerset KY

The 2019 KSR Golf Scrambles will be coming your way SOON!

According to one of our lovely Swap N Shop callers... the COUNTDOWN TO SPRING as of this past Saturday was 68 days (Thank YOU Dave)!! I guess as of today that makes it 64 Days (Lake Cumberland Lovers should be jumping with JOY)! With spring ALSO comes GOLF - and if last years KSR Golf Scrambles were anything to go by, you are not going to want to miss them.

I had the pleasure of going to my first scramble right here in Somerset, Kentucky last year (knowing NOTHING absolutely nothing about Golf - other than don't shout FFFFFOOOOUUUUURRRRRR at the top of your lungs mid-play). Turns out this was a REALLY fun way to spend an afternoon! Not only did I get to Swan about in a Golf Cart, but Matt Jones also GAVE me a shout out for my  British Wellies and another fella told me - and I Quote  "You are Hotter than a Lit Match" (still the funniest pickup line I've ever heard and NO it didn't work).

2019 KSR Golf Scramble dates are coming soon - so be sure to check out our upcoming events!

Join In!

If you'd like to be apart of the next KSR Golf Scrambles, or another one of our Fabulous Events please contact the iHeart Radio's Sales & Marketing Team!

Shirer Burkett


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