Born in Lexington, KY and having traveled the world, Shirer Burkett is a senior creative in integrated brand advertising & marketing (who happens to REALLY DIG radio). Shirer happily returned home - to the land of sunshine after 9 glorious years abroad - in Merry Old England. She's fluent in English - and has often served as a translator for family and friends when watching programs like Sherlock, Luther, and Call the Midwives. Shirer got into radio by accident, while attending Ole Miss (Hotty Totty) and pursuing a theatre art degree.  She thinks the name of her college show might have been "the Bow-Heads" but alas that was the 90's and a lot of poor life decisions have gone down since then.  

When Shirer is not attending live music events - Bourbon and BEYOND, she is coming for you -  OR moonlighting as a Swap N Shop host, you can generally find her in front of her computer - designing websites and graphics, raising kids AND making soap.