Bear Attack In Florida Caught On Viral Video

Bear stares down at intruder while grazing in Sterling, Alaska

Photo: Getty Images

A video of a Daytona Beach man defending his dachshunds during a bear attack has gone viral on TikTok.

A Ring doorbell camera captured the incident, which has since been shared on the popular app and viewed millions of times as of Friday (January 21), WESH reports.

Kerry Hickox called 911 after her husband was attacked by the bear at around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday (January 19), dispatch audio obtained by WESH confirmed.

"My husband was just attacked by a bear, who do we get hold of to get this thing removed?" Hickox said in the audio. "He's got puncture wounds and scratches, but not enough for an ambulance or anything."

In the video, the man is seen reacting to the bear's attempt to jump over a dog gate blocking his screen open porch screen and quickly shoves objects at the bear to push it back before blocking the entrance with his wooden bench.

During the attack, the man successfully keeps his the growing bear away from his barking dogs.

"I was just attacked by a bear!" the man screams in the video.

Hickox shared photos of her husband's injuries with WESH.

Last week, a woman was attacked while walking her dog during a previous incident in Volusia County, WESH reports.

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