Judge Orders Donald Trump To Give Videotaped Deposition In Protest Lawsuit

Donald Trump Holds Rally At Iowa State Fairgrounds

Photo: Getty Images

A New York judge has ruled that former President Donald Trump must sit down for a videotaped deposition in a lawsuit filed by a group of protesters. Trump is being sued by a group of human rights activists who claim they were assaulted outside of Trump Tower in September 2015. The lawsuit also names Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, his former head of security Keith Schiller, and others.

The group was protesting Trump's comments in which suggested Mexican immigrants were rapists and murders. The lawsuit says that security guards assaulted them and destroyed their signs. In addition, the lawsuit accuses Schiller of punching a female protester in the head as she tried to retrieve a sign that he took from her.

Trump is scheduled to meet with lawyers for the plaintiffs on Monday (October 18) at Trump Tower in New York City.

"This is a case about Donald Trump's security guards assaulting peaceful demonstrators on a public sidewalk," Benjamin Dictor, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said.

"We will be taking the trial testimony of Donald Trump, under oath, on Monday after years of the defendants' dilatory attempts to shield him from this examination. We look forward to presenting the video of Mr. Trump's testimony to a jury at his trial."

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