Mother Hears The Moment Her Teenage Son Was Shot During Live Video

A 14-year-old from Stockton, California, was shot multiple times moments after he left his home to go to the gym. While De'Marte "Binky" Hopkins is too young to drive, his mother, Cynthia Adams, let him take her car while she tried to earn money selling jewelry online.

Adams was in the middle of a livestream when she heard multiple gunshots outside.

"Binky," she called out in the video, which she shared with KCRA. "Wait, y'all, I heard some gunshots. I have to end this live."

A few seconds later, a car can be heard crashing outside.

Police said that two minors who were on foot opened fire on the car. Hopkins was struck seven times and then crashed the car into a neighbor's house. He had several bullets lodged in his back, including one that shattered his spine. While he is expected to survive, he may never walk again.

"Nobody, no mother, nothing should feel what I'm feeling right now," Adams told KCRA.

Adams blamed the shooting on problems in the neighborhood.

"I'm not in this area by choice. I'm here because that's what I could afford," Adams told KOVR"If you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of this, you can really keep your child out of the way and try your best, and this could easily be you still."

Authorities do not have any suspects or motive in the case and also investigating several other shootings in the neighborhood.

"Our investigators have been working nonstop on those cases," Joe Silva, a Stockton Police Department spokesperson, said.

Photo: Getty Images