Swap N Shop Items Saturday 10/17/20

355-0200 Lot of 5 gallon buckets of paint, $50 per; lot of 1 gallon buckets, all different color (interior paint) 10 per, electric heaters

305-9847 55 gallon metal barrels, clean

875-4098 Looking for info about Harvest Time Church, looking to buy CDs

416-0327 or 425-6557 seasoned oak firewood, chainsaws, leaf blowers, diamond plated tool box, looking for a male beagle

355-7153 holstein bull calf 11 weeks weaned 210 junk cars and trucks, 366 big block chevy engine 86 400 dollars, small plastic tool box 20, double kitchen sink 15

379-1423 junk washers free

425-2759 junk to haul off old swing set and tramp

872-1830 trailer hitches, wall sockets, TVs small stereo, speakers, 15" tires

423-3490 Looking for someone who works on washers and dryers

676-0003 1993 s10 rocker panels, crockpot

872-1830 looking for a good fridge

679-4175 looking for a discharge chutes and seat for mower

305-6955 home interior figurines, 70s-90s 15 sets of em, 2 big mirrors 38x42 black with gold inlay $40 apiece, crystal chandelier light fixture - $100

492-7364 14" alum rims $100, mustang rims and tires

271-8649 looking for 2 bedroom rental, no stairs

 678-5953 circle rocker fabric material, electric sewing machine with attachments, cedar chest

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