Swap N Shop Items Saturday 10/10/2020

Swap n Shop 10/10/2020

Indoor yard sale at the Fairgrounds from 8:00-2:00 Saturday, Oct. 10

425-6557 or 416-0327 Chainsaws, leaf blowers, seasoned firewood, looking to buy a male beagle

355-0200 Electric guitar (pink and white in color) $20, mic stand $10, 300 or more VCR and DVDs (some new, all genres) - $50, Looking for a 4 wheeler for a kid 110-125 size, looking to buy used tin (3' wide by 12') and 2x4s 12' long

305-9969 Looking for an '89 Toyota radiator (automatic), selling '92 Camry radiator, ride mower parts, push mowers, space heaters

305-7206 Selling 5 ten month old stock roosters (good size), $6 apiece

274-4307 Winter onion sets, sweet potato squash

219-5667 Chest waders, leather jacket, looking to buy bales of straw

271-1271 Golf carts, Razr ATV for kids aged 8-12, covered trailer 6x6

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