Swap N Shop Items Monday 6/10/19

Monday -- June 10, 2019


1. Basketball cards and baseball cards; Upper Deck BIG basketball cards with dozens of all-stars; 305-6775

2. Two cemetery plots at Lakeside Memorial Gardens -- Lawn Crypts with pre-installed vaults -- $2,500; 513-683-3997

3. Will do pressure washing on homes, mobile homes, decks, patios, sidewalks, etc; Also, will trim trees, cut down, etc. and clean up; Will give free estimates; 219-7264

4. Two walkers, exercise bike, and a set of crutches would like to trade; 679-33018

5. Will cook and clean; Also, will take care of handicap individuals; Have references; 677-6807

6. Blueberries for sale; Already picked or you can pick your own; Located on Mitchell Lane located between Slate Branch Road and Ferry Road; 859-619-8447

7. Walker and exercise bike; 305-1182

8. 2015 Cub Cadet; New blades; LTD 2180 Cub Cadet; New blades; Washburn Acoustic guitar; 382-1465

9. Baby chickens -- 10 weeks old; $2 each; 305-3260

10. 16-foot trailer loaded with items such as computer desk, large metal square fan, tools, electronics, pictures, 20 boxes of clean clothes, including blue jeans for men, women, and children, walkie talkies, purses, shoes, boots, etc.; 55 metal burn barrels; Plastic milk crates -- $2 each; 355-0200

11. Holstein Jersey Heifer -- $250; Holstein bull calf -- $140; Looking to buy junk cars and trucks; Hitch, tire, and wheel for a Jeep Cherokee; Squirrel cage fan -- $30 for all three items; 355-7153

12. Push mowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, air conditioners, chain saws, Craftsman band saw; Tomato cages; 425-6557 OR 416-0327

13. Everything you need for an inground pool -- will sell all together or individually; Pump, sand filter, slide, diving board; 425-5471

14. Stereo, 19-inch color TV, Trailer hitches; 305 engine; House phone; Also, will do odd jobs in Somerset -- mow yards, paint, will help move items, clean out gutters, etc.; 219-5304

15. Garage to rent; 677-2819

16. 13-inch tires; 305-9499

17. '93 Chevy one-ton truck with a 12-foot bed; 305-7678

18. 55 gallon metal barrels -- will cut tops off if you need it; used tires; 3-point hitch carryall; 3-point hitch one row cultivator; 305-9847


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