Swap N Shop Items Tuesday 5/22/18

posted by Jeff Henderson -

lookin car, 676-0001

manakin, odd jobs, 485-9569

can jars, books, 679-2058

lookin engine for mower 678-4358

3 cats 872-3597

lookin washer dryer, odd jobs, mowing and hauling , dog free, 802-5703

metal detector, gold pans, 951-202-3466

cb radio, odd jobs  mobil home service, free, 416-2173

house for rent, cross ties 416-6877

need mow yards, 219-7528

ent center, 425-6224

boat trailer, 348-9107

lost a cat, ford drive, 425-6798

hound dog lost, 280-6834

2 r/mowers, chainsaw , tiller, p mowers 416-2558

garage door opener, 875-6423

fishing rods, 875-2942

tablet, cover, 305-5046


straw bwer 485-2420

haul scrap, 425-3695

garage door, gold wings, lumber, , trailer camper,lookin lawnsweep  305-3260

barrels, plow, tires, 305-9847

bulls, corn planter 872-0100

r/mower rides,  2 lawn mowers  needs work,  679-4175 219-7576

exercize ep, weight bars, odd jobs lookin frames, cable, hitches,v wheel 305-5119

lookin junk, furnance, tob trays, lookin land to rent, and timber,  355-7153

 r\ mower, lookin trailer   679-8582

wire, meter base , honda motor, mow yards in somerset, sockets, odd jobs 305-5119

r mower parts, wheels, book maual, 305-9969



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