Swap N Shop Items Thursday 4/5/18

tires victrla, tv antenna, 303-5302eq qork, 305-1517barn lumber, lumber 561-3404d washer, 305-136201 malibu, bb cards, weed eaters p mowers play staions, 423-7809lookin tool box, 425-3647dryer, d washer 679-5080guppies, trailer 872-3597lookin dryer, 815-403-3401lookin door, need garage door, 305-8092 camper, lookin pto shaft, 271-804007 camry, 677-2819freezer free, 219-1652    706-1210r/mower, trailer tractor 875-9866king mat, twin mat, oak chair, 355-0200haul scrap , 425-3695lookin cotton matress and ladder 678-42173 pups, 219-072209 4 wheeler, couch, 274-4463machanic work, buy scrap stuff, 341-3578lookin camper top , 575-8191west 80 yard sale, post, 219-3459lumber, 307-7943tin wheel chair 802-4610r mower , lookin comp board, 679-4175seat off mower, 679-2231tree work, odd jobs, 219-7264lookin ladder 678-4217cb, 423-2047r mowers, tree work, lite hauling 416-9457firewood , 423-308294 s-10, looking for an army truck, furnace, 4 tires 17", looking for junk cars and scrap,  355-715398 dodge pickup, boat, hay fork, 561-6467 need racks for trailersod planter, hay rake, 2 weights, 872-0100barrels, parts for Nissan, tires 17", 305-9847, 6x8 trailer, r/mower, tiller, 679-8582, r/mower 03 1500 dodge lookin tire , wieghts, bikes, tv,  305-99692 bulls, hay rake, 872-01002 wheel weights, plow, cultivator, barrel 305 9847lookin wheel, jacket, excerzise eq, weight bars, odd jobs, 305-5119


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