Swap N Shop Items Monday 9/25/17

97 jeep, r mower door, free cat and kittens 305-18392 wagons 379-610816' car hauler, 305-5399schaffeling . need  otor for mower, lookin hedge trimmer 687-18342 heaters, odd jobs, lookin leaf blower 416-2173chairs , tables, 305-5286bull, 425-0574yard sale stuff, wood stove heater, 303-5302lookin showr stall, 425-6557 416-0327walker, figurine 492-954200 honda, 270-566-0464tree work haul gravel, odd jobs 416-9457camper top, trailer, haul scrap, 425-3695odd jobs, drills, tools and items, 341-0114pony cart, hog, 305-9499fridge, stove, wheel chair, bed, 305-4877comp desk 678-8800trans for chevy pu, 96 accord, lookin timber 425-6421boat 687-0892free chawawa, 561-6467odd jobs fwood presure washing, 219-7264 fwood, 423-3082, r/mowers tillers , tree work  haul 416-94574 tires 16".93 toyota pu, 678-4217stereo, 94 s-10, lookin junk and timber , door, tob baler,air mattress 669-0785Weed eaters, p/mowers, r/mowers parts, hedge trimmer, wheels and mowers,  305-9969Bike, hitches, fuel, odd jobs, need welding ,   305-5119Lumber, tires, olds trailer for rent, buggy,  305-3260lookin scrap 305 9847r/mowers, explorer   679-4175 219-7576 lookin desk , mower, futon  679-8582hedge trimmer, mower parts, auto wheels, weedeaters 305-9969


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