Swap N Shop Items Tuesday September 5th 2017

98 dodge car, ceiling fan , 416-3428pups, 485-4383heater, wood stove, air cond,  303-5302horse trailer, lookin trailer,  camper shell, 561-6467lookin lumber, 305-5757fwood, 423-3082prints, 425-4243nails, 802-1907lookin engine for mower 678-4358male care giver, 516-8591  516-5642boat 341-6499lookin home to rent, 425-5294push mower, 679-223199 chevy pu, 07 dodge, tree work, haul gravel, 416-9457odd jobs and presure washer, fwood 219-726494 Chevy S-10, looking for  junk, looking for disc mower, door, baler,  355-7153  Road tractor 802-0100  Pool ladder, r/m part 305-9847Weed eaters, p/mowers, r/mowers parts, hedge trimmer, wheels and mowers,  305-9969Bike, hitches, fuel, odd jobs, need welding   305-5119Lumber, tires, olds trailer for rent, buggy 305-3260lookin scrap 305 9847lookin bed table, 219-7576


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