Swap N Shop Items For Wednesday April 19th 2017

tea cart and table, patio set 4451-3357lookin bees 423-3396frezzer, tires 17", 785-3747lookin motor for toyota, parts for chev 802-6637ent center , 4 lights , deer stand, doors, 492-5145yard mowing odd 416-1604lookin foot stool, 303-5173chevy parts, lookin parts chainsaw 423-3082lookin grader box, 307-36823 bikes, yard cart, 4 wheels,a nd tires, furniture, 348-1609garbage can, dishes. lookin rent 492-9542cb 423-2047lookin trapoline,  802-4872paint, r/m 561-8048lookin rental 416-3528lookin chicken coop, 423-4649lookin elect ric box 423-7840lookin ginnei eggs, need door for 91 van . 678-4217microwave, dvd player, buffer, guitar, 416-3428fridge, staove wa/dyer wheel chair and rack 305-4877estate sale hickernut rdcondo rental 502-423-9140r/m, 425-6557 416-0327saddle, bird houses, beagle found a dog, 305-9499road tractor 872-0100379-6315 tires,baby bed, bagger, saw table, elderly 875-9544cross ties , tractor rental trailer, disc, 416-687704 odysee, 2 air cond , lookin odd jobs, 492-5333tree work, 219 726494 chevy parts truck 425-0574goat 305-3260blazer, s-10, lookin junk cars, rent land, tob trays, wood furnance, door, lookin mushrooms, 355-7153


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