Swap N Shop Items For Thursday April 7th 2017

looki yards to mew odd jobs . camper for pu, running boards, 219-7528need house work done 678-2898back hoe work 305-1517lookin ginnie eggs, 305-0505time share , 679-1500dishes, jewlery 492-9542beagle, saddle bird houses. 305-949995 dodge pu, chain saw odd jobs 416-8267y sale, eubank gymcouch and chair, 303-42322 vans, 875-6522lookin cheap car, 416-7645tree work, odd jobs, 219-726488 boat, 305-18322 beefs, 875-4227comp, lookin land, tob baler, tob trays, lookin timber 355-7153, lookin car bodysvacuum, 676-0001 table, dvds, rims, ex equipment, tractor rims, bulls,plow ,nissam  271-0095, 305-9847, 872-0100heaters, chainsaw, wheels , auto book, tarp,power supply table saw, trimmer ex machine,  305-9969r/mower, tiller, lookin non workin mower   679-4175 ford motor


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