A five year-old old boy was allegedly systematically poisoned by his mother who sought attention for her son’s medical issues on social media, prosecutors in New York are claiming.

The evidence against 26 year-old Lacey Spears in the death of her son, Garnett, who died from sodium poisoning on Jan. 23, is damning.

In court Tuesday, Westchester County assistant district attorney Doreen Lloyd alleged that during a hospital visit between Jan. 17-19, Spears fed salt to Garnett through a tube in his stomach, according to NBC New York.

Prosecutors also say they have other evidence, including internet searches taken from Spears’ computer which show that she performed internet searches about sodium poisoning and a bag allegedly used to administer the salt poisoning.

Spears had called a neighbor asking her to dispose of it, prosecutors allege.

Authorities began investigating Spears’ possible role in Garnett’s health problems when he was admitted to the hospital, shortly before he died.

When the boy did pass away, Spears wrote on Facebook, “Garnett the great journeyed onward today at 10:20 a.m.” according to The Journal News.

On Tuesday, Spears pled not guilty to second-degree depraved murder and first-degree manslaughter.


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