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UK Basketball: Locker Room Quotes

UK Basketball: Locker Room Quotes
Posted April 6th, 2014 @ 12:19pm

James Young, Freshman, Guard
On what Drake told the team before the game..
"That we can write our own story. He said that he had faith in us, and we have faith in our self."

On UK's game-winning shot..
"When I saw him grab it and kind of smile, I kind of figured that he was going to make it. I didn’t have any doubt that we were going to lose at all. It was just faith in God, and he was in our side. That last shot was just amazing. I saw him smile, and he looked up, started dribbling and he just squared up and looked confident."

On whether he thought Aaron Harrison’s shot was going in…
“The way he was dribbling, he squared up and looked confident. I mean he just took an amazing shot.”

On winning four straight games by five points or less…
“It is the will to win. We don’t want to lose at all, and we just keep coming together as a team. We keep getting better and better.  Every shootaround, we learn something and we get better at it. We just keep taking it game by game.”


Aaron Harrison, Freshman Guard
Do you have the mindset in that situation where you believe you will make that shot…
“Yeah, definitely. You want to be that guy that wants to take a big shot.  I guess I'm just blessed.”

On the play leading to the game winning three-pointer…
“It was a play for Andrew to dribble down and me to catch it in the corner, but it didn’t work out that way so he dribbled and passed it to Dakari. He had to get it back in there, and I just called for the ball…I just made some space and knocked it down.”

On his mindset and believing he could make the shot…
“You can’t be scared to miss, and you wanna be the guy that wants to take the big shot.  It’s just the feeling that I want to be the one to take the shot, and I’m not afraid to miss the shot so, as long as you’re not afraid to miss I think you have a good chance of making it.”

How does tonight's shot compare to the Michigan shot..
“I think the Michigan shot was probably a little harder. I think there was more of a hand in my face vs. Michigan, but they were both really tough shots and I'm just really blessed that I made them.”

Did you feel like you had to take it…
“I was not really aware of how much time was left, but I just knew I had to get a shot off.  And I shot the three.”

Feelings about the last two weeks…
“It has been amazing.  It is everything I expected going to Kentucky; winning games and just having fun. That is what we were lacking before, and we are just really having a ball playing now.”

On playing the Final Four in his home state of Texas…
“It’s been amazing. I have a lot of family and friends here. My grandmother’s so proud of me, and I’m just blessed to be a part of the family.”

On whether he feels this is a magical run…
“I don’t know about magical.  We all just fight, we don’t let the games go, and we know no matter what that we have a chance to win so we always try to keep fighting.”

On whether he knew the game-winning shot was going in…
“No, I didn’t. I thought it was going to hit the back of the rim and bounce off, but it rattled in and I’m just happy it went in.”

Dakari Johnson, Freshman, Center
What are you thinking about on the last possession…
“I was nervous. Andrew drove the baseline, and I just knew he was going to pass it to me.  He passed it, and I kind of bobbled it a little bit and I was like "here this is you, take it!"


On the technical foul call in the first half…
“I don’t know. I made a move, they called it a flagrant or a technical.”

Andrew Harrison, Freshman Guard
On the victory…
“Every game is a different person's game.  Aaron made the biggest shot. James played really well today and Marcus is playing really well.”


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