The Somerset Ultimate League was an idea that had been discussed for years amongst a group of friends that would casually play ultimate during the summers, but was officially kickstarted by brothers Zachary and Alec Wooldridge.

Primarily promoted by word of mouth and social media presence.

Had first season through June and July of 2013.

During the league’s first year, it featured five teams (Los Lobos de la Noche, Young Bloods, Hot Cocks, Mighty Ducks, Pick & Flicks) playing two games a day every Sunday in June with playoffs two weeks during July. The first championship was won by the Pick & Flicks team.

This year, the league is rebranding several of its teams (Los Lobos now TheWolfpack, Young Bloods now The Vipers, Mighty Ducks now The Hammerhead) as well as adding an expansion team (The Highlanders). Team Captains will be Alec Wooldridge (Hot Cocks), Zachary Wooldridge (Wolfpack), Cody Harris (Vipers), Matthew Crawford (Hammerheads), and Zach Hargis (Hammerheads).

In order to form the teams, the captains will meet and hold a draft.

The season is set to feature the teams divided into two divisions, with each team playing the teams from their division twice and the other division once, and a playoff series at the end.

Expected to see participation from approximately 60 young men (aged from their teens through their mid-twenties) spread across six teams.

Many participants have included notable local athletes (such as Aaron Hall, Taylor Gover, Jake Johnson, Kaleb Rowe), Eagle Scouts, (Zachary Wooldridge, Alec Wooldridge, Gerek Patrick, Brandon Labelle, Lucas Mullins), Governor’s Scholars (Dalton Lovins, Zachary Wooldridge, Gerek Patrick, Matthew Crawford, Steven Thompson) and those heavily involved with FCA or their church (Mason Blevins, Steven Thompson, Cody Harris).

This year, sponsored by and partnering with the local chapter of the National MS Society to help raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.

Somerset Ultimate League will be playing its league games at 1:30 pm on Sunday afternoons at Pulaski County High School.

Also have pickup games scattered throughout the summer that anyone is allowed to participate in.

Pickup games are typically played at PCHS or NMS.

On occasion, pickup games are played at Somersport Park, but we have been met with opposition from park officials despite the fact that it is a city park designated for public use.

If there is interest in playing with SUL, the league sign up deadline is May 9. An entry fee of $10 that pays for uniforms and equipment is required to play.

If you would like to keep up with our activity, follow us on Twitter or Instagram (@SomerFrisbee) and like our Facebook page (Somerset Ultimate League).


Info about Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate was invented in 1967 in Maplewood, New Jersey at Columbia High School.

Ultimate is played with a flying-disc that weighs 175 grams.

Ultimate is played on a field 70 yds long, 40 yds wide, with 20 ydsendzones.

Points are scored by a player catching a thrown disc in their opponent’s endzone, similar to football.

After each point, the scoring team throws the disc from their endzone to the opposing team, similar to a kickoff in football. This is called a “pull”.

Ultimate shares a blend of characteristics with Football, Soccer, and Basketball.

Games are played between two teams fielding 7 players a piece.

Once a player has possession of the disc, they can no longer move. They can pivot however, similar to when a player stops dribbling in basketball.

If the offense drops the disc, does not catch a pass, or the defense deflects or intercepts it, then it results in a turnover.

When a game ends depends on the league it is being played in. Some play to a set amount of points, others play a timed game.

Ultimate’s governing body is USA Ultimate, which features Club play.

Ultimate is also represented by two professional leagues, the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate.

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